Learn About Slow Streets LA

Slow streets application

Thank you for your interest in Slow Streets. Since LADOT set up the program in May 2020, we've installed over 50 miles of Slow Streets in 30 neighborhoods throughout the City. The Slow Streets program was set up as a response to the closure of popular recreation places like parks and trails. The goal is to create an opportunity for people to stay physically active while socially distant by reducing speeding on neighborhood streets.

The materials chosen to implement Slow Streets at the beginning were a temporary fix to what many thought would be a short-term problem. However, it's clear we must redesign Slow Streets to meet the long-term reality.

In October of last year we received direction from the LA City Council to focus our limited resources on improving the experience on our existing Slow Streets network. This means we are pausing all new Slow Streets installations until we create a Slow Streets program that works for all neighborhoods.

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