Transportation Services

LADOT building and bus
Transportation Services
More options to get around

People should have comfortable and safe options to get around Los Angeles. To accommodate all different kinds of travelers, LADOT has created a number of transportation programs, including the largest car share and micro mobility programs in the country and a new on-demand transit program. LADOT has also improved its bus service and bicycling amenities, and expanded options for people taking a taxi and other for-hire vehicles.

Transit options to keep Los Angeles moving
Dash electric bus

LADOT Transit services keep Los Angeles moving by providing world class transportation choices to everyone in Los Angeles. LADOT is updating its entire transit system to better serve you by expanding hours, making transit free for students, and going 100% electric by 2030.

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Taxis and Vehicles-For-Hire
Ensuring access to safe, convenient, and affordable local for-hire transportation service
woman placing a taxi label on a yellow cab

The For-Hire Policy and Enforcement Division of LADOT is dedicated to providing convenient, safe, and reliable transportation options in Los Angeles. We fulfill this obligation by managing all aspects of permitting including driver certification, motor vehicle inspections, fleet management, and compliance auditing.

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Bicycling in LA
Better bicycle infrastructure for a safe, healthy, and sustainable Los Angeles
aerial view of protected bike lane

Bicycling is good for your health, the environment, and your wallet. LADOT is making bicycling safer and more comfortable for all by building better bike lanes, increasing safe bike parking and repair stations, and creating the world’s largest scooter and bike share program. Learn more about the ways we support bicycling in LA below.

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Shared Mobility
LADOT invests in shared options to move you through the city
BlueLA car driver helping a passenger with groceries

Transportation should be fun! That’s why LADOT has invested in on-demand electric cars, scooters,
bicycles, transit, and more to give you fun, reliable, and sustainable ways to get around.

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