Technical Reference Library

A. Publications Hierarchy 

The applicable California Statewide Standards and/or Requirements have the Highest Authority.  Please refer to the appropriate legal statutes of California Laws and/or Los Angeles City Ordinances for applicability within the LA City.    

All LADOT Publications are the MOST PREFERRED Guidelines within the City of Los Angeles, to be utilized alongside and in conjunction with other commonly known technical publications of other LA City Departments.  Where LA City's publications are silent and/or not specifically addressed, there are two other main groups of references listed below.  

One group of references listed herein is the recommended best practices by the publishing professional organizations, as adopted and/or as modified by LA City.  These LA City adopted professional organizational references constitute the PREFERRED Design guidelines and/or standards within the City of Los Angeles.

The second group consists of other CALTRANS and AASHTO publications that are listed as background references.

Except for the legal interpretations that should be referred to the LA City Attorney’s Office, and for those matters within LADOT purviews that involve the resolution of conflicts regarding the contents of listed references in this web page, LADOT General Manager’s and/or Designee’s interpretation is FINAL.

B. California Statewide Standards/Requirements

  1. California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
  2. General Orders by the California Public Utilities Commission

C. LADOT Publications

  1. LADOT Manual of Policies and Procedures (MPP)
  2. LADOT Complete Streets Committee (CSC) Policy and Design Guidance
  3. City of Los Angeles Supplement Street Design Guidelines (SSDG)
  4. LADOT Special Provisions and Standard Drawings for the Installation and Modification of Traffic Signals (Red Book)
  5. LADOT Written or Material Purchase Specifications

D. Common Publications by Other LA City Departments / Bureaus

  1. LA Dept. of Public Works - Bureau of Engineering (BOE)
  2. LA Dept. of Public Works - Bureau of Street Lighting (BSL)
  3. LA Dept. of City Planning (LADCP)

E. Recommended Best Practices by Professional Organizations Adopted by LA City

  1. Public Works Standards, Inc (PWSI)
  2. Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)
  3. National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) - Transportation Research Board (TRB) - National Academies
  4. National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO)

F. Background Reference by AASHTO and CALTRANS

  1. AASHTO Green Book - A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets
  2. AASHTO Roadside Design Guide
  3. CALTRANS Highway Design Manual (HDM)
  4. CALTRANS Design Information Bulletins (DIBs)
  5. CALTRANS Traffic Safety Systems Guidance
  6. CALTRANS Standard Plans
  7. CALTRANS Revised Standard Plans
  8. CALTRANS Standard Specifications
  9. CALTRANS Electrical Systems Design Manual

G. Common Statutes, Laws, and Ordinances

  1. California Vehicle Code
  2. California Streets and Highways Code
  3. California Public Utilities Code
  4. City of Los Angeles Municipal Code
  5. City of Los Angeles Administrative Code
  6. City of Los Angeles Fire Code