Weekly Update August 5, 2021

LADOT Releases New Study on Gender Equity in Transportation

This past Friday, LADOT released a new landmark study, Changing Lanes: A Gender Equity Transportation Study, and announced a new pilot program for “on-demand” stops for its DASH service, which will debut in August for the Panorama City, Watts, Pico-Union, and El Sereno Community DASH routes, and will allow riders to request a location to disembark along their route that is separate from established stop locations.

As a comprehensive transportation study, Changing Lanes identifies barriers for women who depend on public transit as LADOT seeks to achieve gender equity across department operations as part of Mayor Garcetti’s Executive Directive 11 on Gender Equity. Los Angeles City Council President and Council District 6 Councilwoman Nury Martinez requested that LADOT pilot key changes to transit operations to better address the needs of women.

“When women are in leadership positions, we recognize situations where policies need to change because we have firsthand experience with the daily responsibilities women manage — putting food on the table, riding the buses with our children, running the household, among countless others,” said Council President Nury Martinez. “DASH’s ‘on-demand stops’ program will be the difference between hauling your bags of groceries 10 blocks or 10 feet.”

LADOT selected initial routes for the DASH pilot based upon ridership levels, route times, and the proportion of riders who identify as women.

“Representation matters,” said LADOT General Manager Seleta Reynolds. “Investing in community-based research with community-based organizations illuminated blind spots in transportation planning that have left women behind for decades. We cannot accept the status quo that leaves half the population stranded — we can all rise together by understanding that changing lanes will change everyone's lives for the better.”

LADOT commissioned Changing Lanes with the explicit objective of prioritizing equity in transportation planning and design. By gathering data that pertain to the unique experiences and needs of women navigating Los Angeles’ transportation system, LADOT has committed itself to addressing female residents' needs at every stage of the planning and implementation process. The full results of the study are currently available for public viewing in both English and Spanish.

New DASH Route Launches in Sylmar

New DASH Route Launches in Sylmar

Last Saturday, LADOT launched a brand-new DASH route in Sylmar, which is the latest improvement in the city’s major service expansion plan that prioritizes neighborhoods currently lacking robust public transportation infrastructure and with large numbers of non-vehicle owning households.

On Monday, Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez joined LADOT to celebrate the new route.

“Owning a vehicle is a luxury many in our community cannot afford, which is why I secured funding to study route expansions in my district," said Councilwoman Rodriguez. "I’m proud to deliver an affordable, clean and convenient DASH line that will provide access to critical destinations and transit hubs that meet the public transportation needs for our community.”

"For too long, lack of transit options has been a barrier to opportunity in too many Los Angeles neighborhoods," said LADOT General Manager Seleta Reynolds, discussing the new DASH route. "At LADOT, we're pushing to achieve Universal Basic Mobility through service expansions like our new Sylmar Community DASH and many others to come.”

The DASH Sylmar route now travels along Hubbard Street between the Sylmar/San Fernando Metrolink Station and L.A. Mission College. From the college, it journeys on Eldridge Avenue to Sayre Street and along Sayre to Borden, where it turns onto Hubbard at 7th Street and continues back to the Sylmar/San Fernando Metrolink Station. The new route operates with buses running every 15 minutes on weekdays from 6:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m., and with 30 minute intervals on weekends between 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

DASH Sylmar is the first of several new routes planned by LADOT as part of a service expansion and improvement plan that was adopted in 2019. Other changes already implemented include recently introduced changes to DASH Downtown Route D and Route E; weekend services on all DASH routes, evening service on DASH Downtown routes, new Commuter Express service for Playa Vista and El Segundo, increased benefits for Cityride customers, and the introduction and demonstration on the Westside of an on-demand, shared-ride service called LAnow. Future improvements are still underway with other new DASH routes in several areas not currently served, as well as more frequent service on existing routes. The remaining improvements will be phased in as resources allow through 2024.

For information about LADOT Transit’s upcoming developments, including details about DASH Sylmar, please visit ladottransit.com/wegotogetherla.

LADOT Crossing Guard Program Now Hiring

LADOT Crossing Guard Program Now Hiring

LADOT is now accepting applications for new crossing guards. Crossing guards provide traffic guidance at designated street intersections, allowing for a safer and calmer environment for students and their families as they travel to and from school. The city crossing guard program — jointly administered by LADOT's District Engineers, Traffic Control, and Safe Routes to School program — uses needs-based analyses to direct safety improvements and personnel to school zones. LADOT currently employs more than 300 crossing guards at 290 locations across Los Angeles.

For detailed information regarding how to apply to the city crossing guard program, please visit ladot.lacity.org/crossingguard.


CicLAvia Set to Return Aug. 15

CicLAvia Set to Return Aug. 15

Last month, CicLAvia announced its impending return to hosting open streets events. With three upcoming dates announced for 2021 — one on August 15 in Wilmington, another on October 10 in downtown Los Angeles, and the finale on December 5 in south Los Angeles — LADOT looks forward to joining CicLAvia as it resumes its mission of providing fun and safe open streets for people who bike, walk, jog, and roll.

For more information about CicLAvia’s highly anticipated return, please visit ciclavia.org.


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This past Monday, LADOT joined Los Angeles City Council District 7 Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez to celebrate the launch of DASH Sylmar, which is LADOT Transit's 31st and newest DASH route.

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LADOT joined Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and members of the Los Angeles City council last week to announce the release of Changing Lanes, a study developed by the department that focuses on gender equity in transportation in Los Angeles.


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