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E-bikes for South LAE-Bikes for South LA

I am thrilled to announce the launch of South LA's first e-bike library, a pivotal step forward in our commitment to enhancing mobility options and fostering a more equitable transportation landscape. I am so proud to introduce this innovative element of our ongoing efforts under the Universal Basic Mobility pilot (UBM) program.

The e-bike library represents more than just a mode of transportation - it symbolizes accessibility, sustainability, and empowerment for residents of South Los Angeles. With this program, 250 e-bikes are available for registered participants to borrow on a long-term basis, for up to one month, with opportunities for extending the term. This will support community members in their daily travel needs, whether it's commuting to work, running errands, or simply enjoying the outdoors.

This launch is just the beginning of our journey toward a more connected South LA. Through this and all other UBM initiatives, and in project planning across LADOT, we are committed to listening to the needs of our community and continuously improving and expanding mobility options to better serve you.

I want to extend my sincere gratitude to all our partners, stakeholders, and community members who have contributed to making this e-bike library a reality. The full details of this exciting new program in the article below.



Community Partners Launch E-Bike Pilot in South LA

LADOT, LACI, and Community Partners Launch E-Bike Pilot in South LA

Yesterday, LADOT along with community partners and the Los Angeles Clean Tech Incubator (LACI) launched South Central Power Up, the first e-bike lending library pilot in South LA. The launch event was followed by an e-bike training session and community bike ride around Leimert Park led by People For Mobility Justice.

South Central Power Up will support the South LA community with 250 e-bikes available to rent, including cargo and adaptive bikes. Residents from eligible zip codes will be able to rent bikes for a month at a time from one of seven different locations in the community. For the first six months of the program, rentals will be free.

E-bikes can support a wide range of transportation needs, reducing car trips, pollution, and congestion on streets while being more accessible than traditional bicycles. If you’re interested in signing up for the program and discovering a fun new way to explore Los Angeles, visit southcentralpowerup.com

South Central Power Up is part of LADOT’s Universal Basic Mobility program, which aims to increase access to sustainable transportation in South LA. The program was made possible by funding from the California Air Resources Board (CARB). 



Outstanding Performers

Every month, LADOT celebrates excellence among members of its staff by identifying Outstanding Performers. These are team members who exemplify LADOT values by performing their duties with diligence, professionalism, and courtesy to their team members. These individuals are then recognized before the Los Angeles City Council Transportation Committee. Here are the LADOT Outstanding Performers for the Month of April.


Benny WongBenny Wong | Accounting Clerk                
Benny Wong began his career in public service with LADOT in October 2019, serving as an Office Services Assistant in the Parking Adjudication Division. In this capacity, Benny managed the public service desk coordinating hearings and resolving issues with empathy and professionalism, thereby building trust within the community. In October 2020, Benny joined the Accounting Division as an Accounting Clerk specializing in billing and receivables. His contributions have significantly streamlined collection services, resulting in the timely preparation of invoices and consistent follow-up on outstanding billings.                 
Due to his collection efforts, LADOT has been able to contribute its fair share to make payroll, pay vendors, and serve the public. Moreover, Benny’s proactive communication approach has helped ensure timely payment of outstanding accounts, preventing their referral to collection agencies. These efforts have helped the department foster strong partnerships with numerous businesses and agencies operating within the community. Because of his contributions and dedication to upholding the standards of integrity and accountability, Benny has been recognized as an Outstanding Performer for LADOT.


Shirin Sadrpour | Environmental Affairs Officer

Shirin SadrpourShirin Sadrpour is an Environmental Affairs Officer, who joined LADOT in 2021 after working at the Port of LA for 14 years. Shirin joined LADOT to lead the Universal Basic Mobility Pilot Program, which is a $30M pilot to increase equity in the City by expanding access to transportation in South Los Angeles. In this role, Shirin and her team launched one of the most innovative programs in transportation in the nation. Universal Basic Mobility - or UBM for short - provides a suite of options to residents of South LA including: increasing access to programs like carshare and bike share; installing new electric vehicle chargers on streets, at parks, and libraries; implementing low stress neighborhood active transportation infrastructure; launching LA’s first electric bicycle library that will offer bicycles to qualifying residents; expanding electric transit options; and training Angelenos through a workforce development program to maintain electric assets.

One of the most innovative features of the program that Shirin manages is the prepaid mobility wallet, which 1,000 residents can use to pay for $150 of transportation services each month in a one-year pilot. To make this innovative program a reality, Shirin and her team lead planning and program administration, coordinate with community partners and stakeholders, partner with Metro, lead community engagement, partner with researchers to evaluate program components, and administer complex funding sources (including state grant funding from the California Air Resources Board and the Transformative Climate Communities). Shirin’s efforts have been recognized by SCAG who awarded LADOT’s UBM Pilot the 2024 SCAG Sustainability Award for Outstanding Achievement in Sustainability, which is the highest honor category in the program. Shirin is a committed leader to advancing equity and sustainability at LADOT. In addition to leading UBM, she has also led the adoption of the department’s first ever Biodiversity Plan and Zero Waste Plan, to reduce LADOT’s footprint and practice what we preach. Shirin’s creativity, dedication, collaborative spirit, and can-do attitude is appreciated by our LADOT colleagues and agency partners. Congratulations on being an outstanding performer Shirin!


Eduardo HermosoEduardo Hermoso | Transportation Engineer

Eduardo Hermoso is a Transportation Engineer working for LADOT’s West LA Development Review Division. During his career at LADOT, Eduardo has always been a hard worker with impeccable attention to detail and strong problem solving skills. He was promoted to the the West LA Development Review team in 2021 - in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic - and had to immediately assist with onboarding entry level staff while remotely ensuring that applicants were taken care of.  This team also had to face an unprecedented number of building permit applications specifically in West LA that has still not subsided.  Thanks to his previous experience working with building applicants that included some time at LADOT’s Development Services Center in downtown LA, Eduardo was able to hit the ground running and quickly became the go-to person in the office for all challenging development review matters - both over the counter services and larger developments that required a more comprehensive transportation impact assessment.

Eduardo is friendly, has a lead-by-example style of management that ingratiates him to his staff and supervisors, and enables his group to keep up with the tremendous workload and hit all of their performance goals, including advancing affordable housing projects that are eligible for Executive Directive 1 streamlining. But wait - there’s more! In addition to Eduardo’s role in the development review process, he is also regularly called to support the LADOT’s Special Traffic Operations by assisting with traffic control for the many events that Los Angeles hosts throughout the year, including the recent LA Marathon. We thank Eduardo for his dedication to LADOT, to the City, and to the public!  


Jonathan LintagJonathan Lintag | Fiscal Systems Specialist II

Jonathan joined LADOT in October 2016 as a Senior Accountant I at the revenue collection section of the Accounting Division. After gaining experience over years, Jonathan is now a Fiscal Systems Specialist II oversees Payroll functions, revenue collections, special fund accounting and financial reporting. Jonathan manages a large group of professional and clerical staff in the Accounting and Payroll Division.  He leads by example to demonstrate LADOT values of financial integrity and accountability as a fiscal stewardship. He took the lead role in coordinating with various internal stakeholders, external contractors, banking industry and information technology professionals and completed major milestones for the complex banking transition and merchant services transition in June 2022 and December 2023 respectively.

Jonathan embraces challenges and demonstrates excellent organization and leadership skills throughout the transition process. The completion of the major milestones of the banking and merchant services transition allows LADOT to continue collecting revenues that support various transportation programs. In addition to his professional experiences, knowledge and skills, Jonathan always goes above and beyond to assist whatever he can. His commitment to responsiveness and follow through contributes to the timely delivery of projects and programs. Jonathan’s work ethics, dedication and his leadership brings forth the excellent administrative support and financial soundness of LADOT projects and programs.  



CicLAvia Returns to Venice Blvd

CicLAvia Returns to Venice Blvd April 21!

Join CicLAvia for a day of car-free open streets on April 21! From 9am - 4pm, 5.75 miles of iconic Venice Blvd will close to vehicle traffic and open for a day of biking, walking, skating, jogging, and rolling. This popular route connects Palms, Mar Vista, and Venice Beach for an unforgettable day of fun for all ages. View the route map and learn about activities along the corridor at ciclavia.org  



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